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Abbreviations, sometimes put after authors’ names to indicate to which Roman Catholic monastic order or congregation the author belongs

o.e.s.a. Ordo eremitarum Sancti Augustini: order of monks conforming to the Rule attributed to Saint Augustine.
o.f.m. Ordo fratrum minorum: order of the Minors, also named Franciscans, after the founder Saint Francis of Assisi. The Rule of this order was approved in 1223 by Pope Honorius III.
o.min. another abbreviation of Ordo fratrum minorum. See above.
o.m.r. Ordo minorum recollectorum: Franciscans who strictly observed the original order rules.
oratorian a priest of the ‘Oratoire de Jésu-Christ’, a society of secular priests, founded in 1611 by Pierre de Bérulle (later cardinal), modelled after a similar community that was founded in the sixteenth century in Italy by Filippo Neri. The French Oratorians were approved in 1613 by Pope Paul V. Oratorium / oratoire means ‘prayer place’.
o.s.b. Ordo Sancti Benedicti: order of monks conforming to the Rule formulated by Saint Benedict of Nursia in the sixth century. The order of Saint Benedict is the oldest monastic order of the Western Church.
recol. abbreviation of the Latin word recollectus, used to indicate a monastic order or congregation that has returned to strict observance of the original monastic order. E.g. o.m.r., mentioned above.
s.j. Societas Jesu: the order of the Jesuits, founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola and approved in 1540 by the Church.

List of other abbreviations

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s.a. no year of publication mentioned
s.l. no place of publication mentioned
vol(s) volume(s)
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