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Categorisation of book titles

There is one register, arranged alphabetically. Each book is provided with a letter signifying the discipline which it belongs to. As follows:

T theology and religion
(Bible editions, exegesis, Bible geography and archaeology, geographia sacra, apologetics / controversy, dogmatics, christology, theology of morality, liturgy, editions of Fathers of the Church, judaica religiosa / Judaic religious subjects, Talmudic writings, missals / prayer books, psalm-books and song-books with or without music, devotion, sermons, morality / christian ethics, religious pamphlets, devotional stories about saints)
J law
(canonical and civil law, Roman and national law, jurisprudence, natural law, philosophy of law, private law, books of law practitioners, civics, official documents)
G geography
(not ‘geographia sacra’ and ‘geographia antiqua’), journeys / journeys of scholars, ship journals, cartography, town descriptions, land surveying, astronomy, cosmography
H history, economics, weights and measures
(antiquarian and modern history, church history and profane history, coinage, political pamphlets, memoirs, biographies, antiquities, political affairs, theory of history)
P only real philosophy and history of philosophy
(history of philosophers and history of philosophy, metaphysics / ontology, logic, philosophia naturalis, ethics, theologia naturalis)
S&M science, medicine and engineering
(mathematics, experimental physics, chemistry, alchemy, biology / botany, agricultural and horticultural science, hydrolic engeneering, medical science / pharmaceutics, building of fortresses, weaponry, military science, real economics of numerals and percentages)
L arts, art
(dictionaries, rhetoric, grammar / etymology, antiquarian and modern philology, orationes (Francius), geographia antiqua, literary aesthetics, literatures of the antiquity, modern literature of all languages, art of painting, sculpture, aesthetic architecture, iconology, books like Les Mots à la Mode by Callières, bibliografies like those by Van Berghem, Scaligerana and such)
Pd pedagogics (e.g. Locke) and didactics (e.g. Antonius Schorus)
D various subjects, miscellaneous

Sometimes more than one letter is needed.

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