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Publishing Latin: fragments of the imprints of Latin books

Apud viduam A At the widow A
Apud A typis B At A (publisher) printed by B (printer)
Apud H. Wetstenium, R.&G. Wetstenios At H. Wetstein and at R. and G. Wetstein
Caelabat A A engraved
Cum approbat With approval (of a church autority)
E Thaetro Sheldoniano From the printing office in the Sheldonian Theatre (in 1669 built by Gilbert Sheldon, Chancellor of Oxford, at his own expense. A lot of publications of the university were printed here, until in 1713 the printing office moved to Clarendon Building).
Ex officina From the shop of
Ex typographia From the printing office of
Excudit A A produced it (the book)
A., B. Excudebant A and B produced …
Ex officina/officinâ / Ex off. From the publishing house (literally: workshop) of
Impensis A et heredum/haeredum B At the expense of A and of the heirs B
Impress. Gissae, Typ. A Printed in Giessen by the printer A
Juxta exemplar Londinense After the London example / the London edition
Literis A, prostat apud B Printed (with the letters) by A, (the book) is for sale at B
Prostant in officina A They (the books) are for sale at the shop of A.
Sumptibus A / Sumptu A At the expense of A
Sumptibus A bibliopolae At the expense of bookseller A
Sumptibus haeredum A, literis B At the expense of the heirs A, printed by B
Typis A impensis B Printed by A at the expense of B
Typographus lectori The printer to the reader
Vaeneunt in officina A They (the books) are for sale at the shop of A
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